Are You Being Watched? Followed? Listened To? Find Out with Our TSCM Experts

Unfortunately, spy technology has made it possible for the majority of the public to obtain the tools to listen in on or to watch someone without their permission. There is an epidemic of spying occurring across the United States, often carried out by business competitors, family members, landlords, and neighbors.

If you already feel that you are being followed, watched or listened to, you could be correct. There is only one way to confirm whether or not someone is following you, watching you, or listening to your conversations: by hiring the professional bug sweeping team at Spy Catchers to use the most advanced equipment available to find those bugs.

Why You Need Our Counter Surveillance Bug Sweeping Team Helping You

Selecting the right TSCM bug sweep company is extremely important. Look for someone who has years of experience in the field. Our trained technicians have extensive training, a background in the industry, and knowledge about the right equipment that can help to identify bugs in your home, on your phone or in your place of business. Whether it’s video sweeps, audio eavesdropping detection, or GPS tracking devices you need to find, you can count on us.

Many people who are marketing themselves as TSCM experts may not have the necessary training or ability to detect equipment that has been managed remotely or has been turned off. Professionals working with our firm have access to tools that can help detect bugs whether they are powered on or off.

You probably won’t be able to find these bugs on your own, but you don’t have to: our team knows where to look and what to use to detect them.

Spy Catchers: Years of Solution-Driven Experience in TSCM Techniques

Years of conducting TSCM bug sweeps on a full-time basis, completion of manufacturer-provided training, and access to sophisticated bug detection equipment are just a few of the things you should look for if you are concerned that you are being watched, followed, or listened to.

You need to know the questions to ask and how to verify the background of someone who is involved in this field to weed out a private investigator who simply has access to gear from a spy shop versus true professionals who have been practicing in the field for years and know how to use the right equipment to give you real peace of mind and restore your privacy.

Our firm has broad experience with vehicle bugs sweeps, telephone bug sweeps, GPS tracking sweeps, residential bug sweeps, school bug sweeps and business bug sweeps. Contacting a professional will help to alleviate your concerns and raise your awareness to potential situations in which a person is violating your privacy. In these situations, the value of experience and knowledge cannot be overstated.

With Spy Catchers, you’re in good hands. We know it can be unnerving and frustrating to think about someone else tracking you, watching, you, or listening to your conversations. This may be an ongoing threat for an individual, a business owner or someone in the public eye, and you deserve to have a trusting relationship with our experienced counter surveillance experts. We make your privacy our utmost priority and work hard to ensure you can rest easy at night knowing your privacy is protected.