Atlanta Bug Sweep CompanyHidden Cameras and Audio Bugs in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is well known for its night life and prestigious businesses. Once a problem only celebrities in Atlanta faced, hidden cameras and audio bug use is on the rise. Although Atlanta has strict laws that forbid recording conversations without the consent of at least one person involved in it, it still happens. Hidden cameras are also illegal even if the device is being used by a spouse. Yet, that doesn’t mean they’re not used. In fact, they’re used more often than people want to think. If you live in Atlanta and believe that someone may be using a hidden audio bug or hidden camera to spy on you, call Spy Catchers LLC now at 1 (800) 373-8726.

Why Would Someone Want to Spy on You?

Most people are shocked when they find out that someone used a hidden camera or audio bug. The question we’re asked most often: Why would anyone want to spy on me? These devices are most often used when people are:

  • Involved in a workers’ compensation lawsuit
  • In the middle of a divorce
  • Involved in a child custody dispute
  • Named in a paternity case
  • A plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit
  • Involved in corporate espionage
  • In the middle of a bad break-up
  • Scheduled to appear in a hearing for a protective order because of domestic violence or intimate partner violence
  • Fighting with a business partner
  • Business owners
  • Renters
  • Being stalked by someone they don’t know
  • Involved with a partner who believes they are being unfaithful.

In short, there are a lot of reasons why someone might want to spy on you. In addition to breaking the law, it’s also a violation of your privacy.

Cell Phones and GPS Devices

Cell phones are extremely powerful devices. There are apps available that enable people to gain access to your text messages, conversations, social media activity, and your location. The scary part is that no one has to touch your phone to use these apps. Cell phones are quickly becoming a way that people break the law to keep tabs on another person. They can even be used as a GPS device. A cell phone may be hidden somewhere in your vehicle and wired straight to the battery on your car. It could give your location or allow someone to listen in on what’s being said inside of your vehicle without your knowledge.

Speaking of GPS devices, Georgia has a Right to Privacy law, but GPS devices aren’t specifically mentioned. That means using one is legal. However, it may not be used if it will cause damage to the vehicle, be placed on a vehicle that is parked on private property, or be used to stalk or harass another person.

Where Are Audio Bugs and Hidden Cameras Most Often Found?

In Atlanta homes, audio bugs and hidden cameras are most often found in:

  • Living rooms and dens
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Hidden under furniture
  • Inside of stuffed animals
  • Inside of decorative items such as vases
  • Behind framed images hanging on a wall
  • Inside of lamp shades
  • Inside of wall plugs

In Atlanta businesses, audio bugs and hidden cameras are most found in:

  • The CEO’s office (including private bathrooms)
  • A key employee’s office
  • Conference rooms
  • Human Resources
  • Office or cubicle of employees who handle sensitive data, including financial data or marketing information
  • Inside of vases or behind books
  • Behind artwork
  • Inside of phone jacks or light switches

There are also ways that electronic devices, including web conferencing equipment, can be compromised. People could watch, hear, or read everything that goes across the affected device.

How Do I Know If There’s a Hidden Device Spying on Me?

There are some signs that could indicate that a hidden device is being used to invade your privacy.

  • You notice dust or other debris on top of your desk, table, or other surface that looks like it came from the ceiling.
  • There are broken ceiling tiles in the room.
  • A lamp shade catches your attention because it’s crooked.
  • Electrical outlets, phone jacks, and light switches appear crooked.
  • You have a new calculator, vase, book, piece of artwork, or other item in the room that you know you didn’t buy or bring into the environment.
  • There’s a difference in the quality of your phone calls, phone conferences, or web conferences.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t mention that you believe someone is spying on you. This could cause the person who planted the device to try to move it before it can be found. If the device is removed, you may not be able to prove what’s happened or press charges. Use a phone line you know is secure and call Spy Catchers LLC at 1 (800) 373-8726.

If you find the device, don’t try to remove it on your own. They can be highly sensitive. You don’t want to damage the device, particularly if you want to find out who planted it. Call us right away to schedule an appointment and we will send one of our highly trained professionals to your Atlanta home or business to remove it for you and to sweep your location to ensure that there are no other devices present.