Things to Look for in Your Smart Home That May Be Endangering Your Privacy

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With the rising trend of smart home technology used by both home owners and landlords, it can create valid concerns about your privacy. Is your private life truly private? Does your smart home really keep you safer? Of course, we all recognize that the potential of using technology for spying on others exists. All any […]

Hidden Camera Found in First-Class Bathroom on United Airlines Flight

airline bug sweep

If you’ve kept up with the Spy Catchers blog for any length of time, then you know about the offensive violation of privacy being caused by hidden cameras and hidden audio bugs. Starbucks, universities, private homes, fire stations, funeral homes, and now we add a first-class airline bathroom to the list. We simply cannot let […]

Man Charged with Secretly Videoing 90 Women

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A Hungarian woman visiting Wellington, New Zealand found a sliding panel leading from a shower she used into a garage in 2018. Her discovery led to law enforcement arresting Nigel Edgecombe, a once trusted teacher. Edgecombe was subsequently charged with secretly videoing 90 women, and had a total of 30 hours of hidden camera video […]

Hidden Shower Camera Found in Singapore University Highlights Global Problem

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If hidden cameras in Starbucks bathrooms, fire stations, Airbnbs, and personal residences aren’t scary enough, a hidden shower camera found in a Singapore university highlights a global problem. A third-year female communications major, Monica Baey, lived on campus. Last November while she showered, a man proceeded to film her using his cell phone. When she […]

Former Firefighter in Hot Water After Planting Hidden Camera in Station Bathroom

firefighter hidden camera

Former Dallas firefighter, Craig Lawrence, was recently arrested after a hidden camera was found in the DFR Station 11’s bathroom. The hidden camera, which also acted as a USB charging port, was found on January 21, 2019. It is believed that the hidden camera has been there since at least Thanksgiving of 2018. Lawrence Has […]

Violation of Privacy Abounds: Safety and Privacy Dwindles Because of Hidden Camera Use

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With story after story reported by the news involving the use of hidden cameras, it seems that no where is safe. While all technology, including hidden cameras and audio devices, were designed for good, the flip side is that there are people who use them for nefarious purposes. When we thought about hidden camera use […]

The Newest Tools Used During Divorce and Child Custody Disputes? Hidden Cameras, Recording Devices, & GPS

When we all think about the family unit, we all at least know about the idealized image: two parents and at least one child. Maybe there are family dinners. Maybe there are bedtime stories. Yet, we’ve also all heard information about the rate of divorce. Divorce can make people do things that is out of […]

Planning to Stay in an Airbnb During Spring Break? You Could Be Under Surveillance

Spring break is almost here, and summer will be here before we know it. If you’re planning to stay in an Airbnb during spring break or while you’re taking a vacation this summer, you could have your most intimate and private moments videotaped, audio taped, or watched live by a total stranger. This Isn’t a […]

How to Tell if Your Boss is Spying On You

Feel that? The eerie feeling like someone’s watching over you. You turn around, scared of the unwanted presence, but you just see your boss waving to you in the background. Later, you walk to the break room and see…a camera? A voice recorder? Actually, it’s just your boss’s coffee mug, which he now picks up along […]

Family Feels Violated After Finding Small Camera in the Bathroom of a Funeral Home

funeral home bug detection

  Imagine attending a funeral and taking your child to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, you find a small camera placed under the air freshener. How would you react? Would your reaction change if you found out that the camera had a memory card in it to store video? And what if you found out […]