Tiny Spy Chips Are Now More Affordable & Accessible

October is National Cybersecurity Month, a collaborative effort between the cybersecurity industry and the government to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity for all Americans. There overall message for 2019 is “Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.” The primary focus is something near and dear to our heart: citizen privacy, consumer devices, and e-commerce […]

Man Charged with Secretly Videoing 90 Women

A Hungarian woman visiting Wellington, New Zealand found a sliding panel leading from a shower she used into a garage in 2018. Her discovery led to law enforcement arresting Nigel Edgecombe, a once trusted teacher. Edgecombe was subsequently charged with secretly videoing 90 women, and had a total of 30 hours of hidden camera video […]

Hidden Shower Camera Found in Singapore University Highlights Global Problem

If hidden cameras in Starbucks bathrooms, fire stations, Airbnbs, and personal residences aren’t scary enough, a hidden shower camera found in a Singapore university highlights a global problem. A third-year female communications major, Monica Baey, lived on campus. Last November while she showered, a man proceeded to film her using his cell phone. When she […]

How to Tell if Your Boss is Spying On You

Feel that? The eerie feeling like someone’s watching over you. You turn around, scared of the unwanted presence, but you just see your boss waving to you in the background. Later, you walk to the break room and see…a camera? A voice recorder? Actually, it’s just your boss’s coffee mug, which he now picks up along […]