How to Tell if Your Boss is Spying On You

Feel that? The eerie feeling like someone’s watching over you. You turn around, scared of the unwanted presence, but you just see your boss waving to you in the background. Later, you walk to the break room and see…a camera? A voice recorder? Actually, it’s just your boss’s coffee mug, which he now picks up along […]

Hidden Cameras Found in Public Starbucks Restroom

Imagine visiting a Starbucks and needing to use their public restroom while you’re there. What would you do if you found a hidden camera? That very scenario happened to a Fulton County, Georgia woman in April 2018. Upon finding a hidden camera taped under a baby changing station, the woman removed the camera, battery pack, […]

Corporate Data Security: It’s More Than a Secured Network

  You’re moving your business to a new location. You’ve taken the steps necessary to make sure that your data is well protected on servers and hard drives. You’re using the most secure options for cloud storage. You keep your anti-virus software up-to-date. You’ve created and you enforce a data security policy when it comes […]

When Is It Illegal to Record Phone Conversations?

Phone conversations and whether they may be recorded is a topic that is addressed in both federal and state law. Of course, when a matter may be criminal in nature and law enforcement gets involved, a warrant must be acquired. Yet, recording phone calls (and listening to phone calls without the knowledge of the parties […]

5 Tips to Find a Hidden GPS Tracker on Your Vehicle

Is someone tracking your car? We have 5 tips to help you make sure your car doesn’t have a hidden GPS tracker. Keyword(s): Primary keyword: hidden gps tracker Secondary keywords: car location tracker, locating device, a tracking device, secret gps tracker, gps on car Do you suspect someone may have placed a hidden GPS tracker […]

Signs of a Cellular Bugging Device

  Signs of a Cellular Bugging Device A cellular bugging device is a form of spyware that is used so that someone can listen to your conversations, track your phone, and even see what is on your phone. Bugging devices can be placed on a cell phone for a variety of reasons. The victim is […]

Can Landlords Install Audio Bugs and Spy Cameras?

News story after news story paints a scary picture for renters because they’ve found audio bugs and tiny cameras in the home that they’re renting. Can landlords install audio bugs and spy cameras to hear and watch what’s happening on their property? Your Right to Privacy and Quiet Enjoyment In most states, tenants have a […]