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Think You’re Being Spied on in Your Home? Don’t Make These 3 Counter Surveillance Mistakes

Think You’re Being Spied on in Your Home? Don’t Make These 3 Counter Surveillance Mistakes

Think You’re Being Spied on in Your Home? Don’t Make These 3 Counter Surveillance Mistakes

If you think that someone may have planted an audio device or a hidden camera in your home, you must be very careful to maintain your privacy while planning to engage in the proper counter surveillance measures to regain your privacy and your sense of peace. As professionals who specialize in the discovery and removal of audio devices, hidden cameras, and other spy equipment, we understand how you feel and why you want to do everything possible to remedy the situation. We also know what shouldn’t be done. Don’t make these X counter surveillance mistakes if you believe that you’re being spied on in your home.

Don’t Talk about It to Others

Don’t tell your spouse, your roommate, your landlord, your significant other, your business partner, your best friend, or anyone else (except your lawyer and Spy Catchers LLC) that you think this is happening to you. We know it’s scary and infuriating. However, you don’t know who may have placed the bug or for what purpose. Talking about it could alert the perpetrator to the fact that you know that your home is no longer a safe place for you. It could even be that one of those individuals that we mentioned in the first sentence is the responsible party. If the person who placed the hidden camera or audio bug learns that you know of its existence, they’ll likely remove it before it can be found. While removal is the optimal solution, it doesn’t ensure your privacy. You may never know who planted it. They could plant another one in the future.

Don’t Rely on Low-Tech Equipment or Methods to Find Devices

There are some good, basic counter surveillance measures you can take that could very well help you locate the device. However, if you’re using low-tech equipment or methods you read about online and you don’t find anything, that doesn’t mean your home isn’t bugged. It could mean that the device is technologically advanced and very well hidden. It could mean that someone is using software on your computer or cell phone. To truly determine whether your home is bugged, you must rely on professional counter surveillance methods provided by Spy Catchers LLC.

Do Not Remove the Device on Your Own

If you find a hidden spy device while you perform some basic counter surveillance measures, don’t attempt to remove the device on your own. Even if the device is extremely small, it may have audio or video stored on it. If it doesn’t store information on the device, it transmits information to the recipient. It is possible to destroy the device beyond use if it is not properly removed and handled. Depending on where you live, the device (and its content) could be evidence of a crime. For you to get justice, you need this device intact. Even if it is determined that no laws were broken, knowing more about what’s on the device and where it transmits information can let you know who was behind this blatant invasion of your privacy.

What Should You Do?

If you think that the sanctity of your home has been violated, contact Spy Catchers LLC to schedule a free estimate for a residential bug sweep. Let us help you regain your privacy and your peace of mind!

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