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Violation of Privacy Abounds: Safety and Privacy Dwindles Because of Hidden Camera Use

Violation of Privacy Abounds: Safety and Privacy Dwindles Because of Hidden Camera Use

With story after story reported by the news involving the use of hidden cameras, it seems that no where is safe. While all technology, including hidden cameras and audio devices, were designed for good, the flip side is that there are people who use them for nefarious purposes.

When we thought about hidden camera use in the past, we all thought of nanny cams being used to help ensure the safety of a child while being cared for when the child’s parent(s) weren’t there. We thought of the devices as something that could be a literal necessity that helped protect a child and that gave us evidence that could put abusers behind bars. We thought about law enforcement getting warrants and licensed private investigators doing their jobs within the confines of the law.

It was only in movies and books that we thought involved the nefarious use of these devices. Sadly, though, these activities exist in the real world. And it seems that no where is sacred anymore.

Cross-Fit Gym Owner Sentenced to Prison for Hidden Cameras

If you and your children are safe anywhere, shouldn’t it be at the gym? After all, the purpose of fitness is to encourage a healthier lifestyle. It should be a safe place for adults and children. If you go to the gym and if you take your children to workout with you, we encourage you to change clothing at home and not at the gym. In Michigan, a cross-fit gym owner was recently sentenced to prison for hidden cameras that capture adults and minors in changing rooms. And who found the hidden camera? A female police officer who frequented that gym. The camera was located in a ceiling tile.

Hidden Camera Found at Upscale Car Dealership

Of course, hidden cameras in bathrooms shouldn’t be used at any car dealership (or anywhere for that matter). Recently, a hidden camera was found in a Wisconsin BMW dealership’s women’s restroom. The manager of the dealership was arrested and may face charges. The hidden camera was found by a woman when she noticed a blue light in the paper towel dispenser.

Embassy Bathrooms Are Also Not Safe

In early April, a hidden camera was found in a bathroom located in a Washington DC Embassy. New Zealand’s highest-ranking military official (located in DC) is accused of planting the device. The prosecutor for the federal government states the device was placed in 2017. The camera was discovered when it fell onto the ground. The accused New Zealand officer pleaded not guilty despite an allegation that his DNA was found on the memory card. He subsequently retired and will not be court martialed.

The Stories Continue

There seems to never be an end to these sorts of stories. It highlights the importance of everyone being aware that this is possible and that they are not necessarily safe from becoming a victim. Know the signs. If you think that someone may have planted a hidden camera in your home, office, store, gym or church, call Spy Catchers at 1-800-373-8726 for a free quote. We want to help you feel more secure.

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