Business Bug Sweeps

When you run a company, all of the work that goes on behind the scenes is extremely important to protecting your integrity as well as the value of the business. There are many reasons and potential exposure to risk that you need to be aware of as a business owner.

A technical counter surveillance expert hired to conduct a business bug sweep should be familiar with all types of equipment involved in corporate espionage, such as wiretaps, electronic bugs, and eavesdropping devices. With our professional bug detection, you’ll get an answer as to whether or not anyone is trying to watch, listen in or surreptitiously record you, your team and your private meetings and steal your intellectual property and valuable information.

Who Needs Business Bug Sweeps?

A competitor who learns inside secrets about your operation could be especially problematic for your profitability and the company itself. However, you may also need to be concerned about employees within the company who have ulterior motives who may want to cause harm to your brands. Corporate espionage is extremely risky if valuable information acquired by one of your competitors ultimately puts you out of business.

Whether you’re a startup, a thriving small business, or a corporation, you have the right to privacy. Heading off a bug before it becomes a problem Is crucial for protecting your business interests.

Imagine someone else in your industry listening to and learning about any of the following:

  • Your client list
  • Details about future projects
  • Pricing schedules
  • Your current projects
  • Upcoming conferences
  • New ideas
  • Company secrets
  • Executive schedules

If your competitor were to learn about any of these issues, this could compromise your success and your business. Sometimes the competitor may even place a mole inside your business to install video bugging or audio bugging devices to monitor your activities.

Common Bugging Risks Affecting Business Owners

There are several different risks that you need to be aware of as a business owner and hiring an experienced TSCM business bug sweeping service can help you to identify these problems as soon as they are placed inside facility. You should never expect that you will easily be able to locate bugs without professional help.

In fact, many of the people who have engaged in illegally installing these illicit devices have already gone to great lengths to acquire the necessary products and to hide them so they will not be found. Inexperienced people who purport themselves to be bug detectors may also not have the necessary equipment, training or experience to identify these materials when they are turned off. This can leave a business owner with a false sense of security thinking their business is clean when in fact the person conducting the sweep had no way of finding an illicit eavesdropping device at all. Contact the professionals at Spy Catchers today for a professional sweep of your offices.

Finding Bugs in Your Conference Room

If you are like the majority of businesses, your most important and most frequent business meetings occur in your conference room.

If you cannot guarantee that there isn’t an audio recorder, hidden microphone, or hidden camera in the conference room, this can give you a great deal of anxiety. Unless you recently had a professional TSCM business debugging sweep, you can’t make that guarantee.

A knowledgeable business TSCM bug sweep professional can determine whether these items exist in your conference room. Before your next big meeting comes up, make sure to schedule a bug sweeping consultation. Another common risk facing businesses has to do with their employees.

Employees are often the target of video bugging or audio bugging devices by a coworker with bad intentions or by the employer. The only way to know this for sure is to have your work space or office electronically and physically inspected by a knowledgeable business TSCM technician using expensive and sophisticated electronic scanning devices. Hidden cameras may also be located in your business’s private areas like public bathrooms or changing areas.

Protect Your Company with Regular Business Bug Sweeps

A regularly scheduled sweep of your bathrooms or locker rooms can help a company avoid financially devastating incidents and the negative publicity caused by someone who has put video or audio recording devices inside these areas without your knowledge.

Your business reputation, profitability, and the future of your company are on the line. Whether you’re concerned about information captured by electronic eavesdropping on your phone lines, hidden cameras or audio recording devices in private areas, we at Spy Catchers have the experience, training and equipment necessary to find these and other eavesdropping devices and restore the integrity, security and peace of mind your business and your clients deserve.

The TSCM business bug detection specialists at Spy Catchers can give you the peace of mind that your business secrets and conversations are protected and that no one is taking advantage of you, your information or your employees. Our state of the art counter surveillance detection equipment can help to get the job done to protect your privacy now and in the future.