Hidden Cameras, Audio Bugs, and GPS Devices in California – Are They Being Used to Spy on You?

It may seem like something out of a movie, but it’s not. Hidden cameras, audio bugs, and GPS devices are used in California to spy on unsuspecting business owners and home owners. Because of their tiny size, these devices may be hidden in your home, office, or vehicle without you ever knowing it’s there. In fact, most people don’t even know the signs that they could be a victim of this type of intrusion. However, a lack of signs is not a guarantee that a device isn’t present. It takes a professional bug sweep to know for sure. If you believe that someone may be spying on you, call our toll-free 24 hours number at 1-800-373-8726 to schedule a bug sweep for your home, business, or vehicle. Our goal is to help you regain your sense of privacy and peace.

Are Hidden Cameras, Audio Bugs, and GPS Device Use Legal in California?

The short answer is yes. However, the State of California has several limitations on their use. For example, hidden cameras are legal to use within your own home, but they cannot legally be used where someone has a reasonable expectation of privacy. For example, it is illegal to use a hidden recording device in a bathroom or a bedroom. For recording or monitoring conversations, it’s important to recognize that California is what is known as a two-party state. This means that both individuals involved in the conversation must consent to it being monitored or recorded. This affects both audio bugs and hidden cameras. If a hidden camera also records audio, consent to record is required. GPS devices are legal for use on a vehicle only if the owner of the vehicle provides consent.

Common Reasons Why People Are Targeted

Most people think that no one would have any reason to spy on them. Yet, it happens more often than you’d think. The most common reasons people in California are spied on include:

  • Business ownership. Your business doesn’t necessarily have to be making millions. If your small business is bringing change to the industry, competitors could look for ways to run your out of business. This is known as corporate espionage. They could use one of your employees or send someone to your business to place devices. Losing your valued business secrets could ruin your ability to continue in the industry and damage your company.
  • You’re a party to a lawsuit. It could be a divorce, child custody dispute, an insurance claim, or personal injury lawsuit. There are people who don’t want to rely on the courts to make the best decision. They try to take matters into their own hands and record everything you do and say along with everywhere you go without your consent.
  • You’re in an abusive relationship. Domestic violence now involves the use of technologically advanced equipment to maintain control over a victim.
  • You have a significant other who doesn’t trust you. They could be monitoring you without your consent. This is often a precursor to domestic violence.
  • You’re being stalked. You may not even know who is doing it. However, stalking is extremely dangerous and could jeopardize your life.

What Should You Do If You Think Someone Is Spying on You?

If you live in California and think that someone may be spying on you, take the following steps:

  • Don’t tell anyone about it over the phone, in the car, in your home, or in your office. Also, stay away from email. Keyloggers are often used to record everything that someone types. You may not know for sure who placed the device and you don’t want to alert the person. This would prompt them to remove and eventually replace the spy device. Call Spy Catchers LLC from a secured phone: 1-800-373-8726.
  • Keep your routine as normal as possible. Changing up what your doing can be a key indicator that you know what’s happening. It could prompt the spy to remove the device and place it at a later date.
  • If you find a hidden camera, audio bug, or GPS device, don’t remove it on your own. This could damage it and ruin its internal memory. That could make it next to impossible for you to discover who placed it and why. Instead, call Spy Catchers. Let us help you remove and preserve the device and evidence therein.
  • Call Spy Catchers LLC to schedule a professional sweep of your home, business, or vehicle. Our number is toll free and we are available 24 hours a day. Our experts can help you get your peace of mind back. Call us from a secured area at 1-800-373-8726.