Cheating Spouse? Learn More About Detection Services and What to Do if You’re Being Bugged

One of the most common reasons for people to contact a TSCM expert or a private investigator is because of their concerns over infidelity with their spouse. If this applies to you, you will have many questions about whether or not you have been bugged or whether or not the spouse is trying to catch you. Spousal surveillance is increasingly common and illegal practice made worse by the readily available and inexpensive bugging devices on the market today.

Your partner may suspect that you’re a cheating spouse and use any combination of vehicle trackers, audio bugs, or hidden cameras to catch you in the act. Even if you’re not cheating, this kind of behavior can make you feel uncomfortable and destroy your sense of privacy. If you believe you’re the subject of an infidelity investigation or cheating spouse surveillance, our TSCM professionals will find out for you.

What to Do If You Suspect a Spouse or Partner is Spying on You

You might struggle to be at ease in your own home, vehicle or office if your former spouse or significant other is following and watching you. You deserve to know the truth, and at Spy Catchers, we’re committed to finding out what you need to know and to assist you with your attorney or law enforcement if devices are located.

Trying to investigate to identify video, tracking or audio bugging devices on your own exposes you to mistakes. Without the proper training, experience or equipment, this is nearly impossible to accomplish and you may give yourself a false sense of security while remaining under constant surveillance of an illegal device.

Hidden cameras and audio devices as well as GPS vehicle trackers can all be used by a partner or a spouse in an effort to try to catch someone in the act of cheating or by providing information that could be potentially useful in divorce litigation. No matter what the situation, the person who suspects that he or she is being monitored or listened to has the right to know once and for all whether or not someone has engaged in this kind of behavior.

If you’re concerned that a spouse or current romantic partner is trying to capture private information about you or to catch you in the act of infidelity, you may have rights and the professionals at Spy Catchers can assist you in determining which options are best for you.

TSCM Experts with a Track Record of Finding Cheating Spouse Detection Bugs

It can be very anxiety-provoking to think about somebody capturing your private information and intimate times. However, due to the fact that bugging devices are unbelievably small, easily hidden, extremely inexpensive and easy to purchase anywhere online and in stores these days, you may not be able to easily locate these on your own.

Often times, your spouse may go to great lengths in order to hide these devices and make it impossible for you to find them. It’s not worth taking a chance that someone could be using a microphone or a covert audio or video recorder to capture all of your conversations and interactions with others.

Many of the modern audio and video bugs are so small and easily hidden that they are greatly accessible and easy to conceal from the person such as an allegedly cheating spouse who is the target of the monitoring. This makes many individuals potential targets for electronic eavesdropping or video bugs.

You are unlikely to find a transmitter recording device or audio bug on your own because these are often quite small and can be concealed in everyday objects.

Working with a TSCM expert in any situation involving allegations of a cheating spouse can help to identify with the help of sophisticated and expensive electronic equipment whether or not there is a recording device, microphone, or video that has been turned on or off that is attempting to capture your movements or your conversation. Our TSCM experts use specialized equipment that requires training and experience using it.

If you think your partner is using bugging devices to obtain information against you in a custody or divorce battle, contact Spy Catchers today to find hidden cameras, bugs and GPS trackers today.