connecticut bug sweep companyHere’s What Connecticut Residents Need to Know about Audio Bugs, GPS Devices, & Hidden Cameras

Do you need a Connecticut Bug Sweep Company? Despite the fact that hidden audio bugs, GPS devices, and hidden cameras are often illegal to use in Connecticut, unscrupulous and sometimes dangerous individuals still plant them in residences and businesses. Electronic stalking is a crime in Connecticut. And you could be a victim and not even know it. If you live in Connecticut and believe that someone is spying on you, call Spy Catchers LLC at 1 (800) 373-8726 to schedule a professional bug sweep. We want to help you protect your privacy!

Connecticut Law Tries to Protect Victims from Invasion of Privacy

Connecticut law has some of the toughest laws in the entire nation. These laws are in place to help people just like you protect their privacy. Connecticut’s Recording and Eavesdropping Statutes (C.G.S. § 53a-189a) requires that at least one party involved in a telephone conversation give their explicit permission for the phone call to be recorded. Consent must be given either verbally or in writing. Audio bugs record conversations and transmit them to a separate location. If you didn’t give permission for your conversations to be monitored and recorded, you could be a victim of a crime.

Voyeurism is also prevented by Connecticut laws (C.G.S. § 53a-189a and 53a-189b). It is defined by law as any audio or video recording of another person without the recorded person’s consent when that individual would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Even people who believe that their spouse may be unfaithful could face a felony charge if they hide a camera or audio device to catch them. If voyeuristic video or audio is shared, regardless of how the video or audio originated, it can still be charged as a felony.

For hidden cameras commonly referred to as “nanny” cams, they can be legal if they record only video and no audio. For hidden cameras that also record audio, consent is required. The nanny cam may not be hidden for the malicious or sexual reasons. They also cannot legally be placed in a room where someone would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as a bathroom or a bedroom.

Common Reasons Audio Bugs, Hidden Cameras, & GPS Devices Are Used in Connecticut

You might believe that you’re the most regular person in the world and think why would anyone want to know what you’re saying, what you’re doing, or where you’re going? Although you’re just trying to get on with your day to day life, you could still be a victim of electronic stalking, eavesdropping, or voyeurism. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or a resident.

Because of our experience handling these matters, we’ve developed a list of the most common reasons these devices are used in Connecticut:

  • They’re used against Connecticut business owners. Hidden audio bugs, hidden cameras, key loggers, and spy apps designed to record what’s happening when you use your teleconferencing or web conferencing software may be used by angry current or former employees. They could also be used by jealous competitors who want to find a way to cripple your business.
  • Jealous current or former spouses could use those devices to know what you’re doing at all times. They could be stalking you or looking to blackmail you. They may think that they can use what they discover in court or try to use it as a way to make you stay.
  • You’re named in a lawsuit. Some of the most common lawsuits include car accidents, slip and falls, workers’ compensation, breach of contract, divorce, domestic violence, and child custody.

Countersurveillance in Connecticut

There are some basic steps that Connecticut residents and business owners should take if they believe that they’re a victim of electronic stalking, eavesdropping, or voyeurism. Follow these steps:

  1. Look for signs that someone may have planted a device in your home or business. Keep in mind that these devices can be so small that they fit into a nail hole. They can also be hidden inside of books, pillows, and furniture. They can be placed under tables, chairs, shelves, and other surfaces. Signs include dust and debris on top of furniture, floors, or cabinets; collectibles and art work you know you didn’t purchase; light switches and plug ins that were once straight are now crooked; there are damaged ceiling tiles; there’s a noticeable difference of quality in your phone calls, teleconferences, or web conferences. That’s not a complete list, but those are the main signs because people who plant these devices generally have very little time to do so. They don’t always have time to clean the mess they make.
  2. Don’t tell anyone that you believe that there’s an audio device, hidden camera, or GPS. You don’t know for sure who is involved or where it is hidden. Talking about it could tip off the other person. They may remove the device before you can find it and turn it over to the proper authorities. Do what you can to maintain your regular routine so as not to raise suspicion.
  3. If you find the devices, don’t try to remove it on your own. We know it can be tempting to remove the device on your own if you find it. We know you don’t want people watching you or listening in without your permission. We know you don’t want to know that someone always knows where you are. Depending on the device, they can be extremely sensitive. If they’re not properly removed by a professional, they can be damaged. If they’re damaged, you may not be able to find out who planted the device. If you find a device, call Spy Catchers at 1 (800) 373-8726 and we’ll come to your Connecticut home or business to carefully remove the device to help preserve it as potential evidence of a crime.
  4. Call Spy Catchers LLC to schedule a professional bug sweeping appointment. The best way to get peace of mind is to call Spy Catchers LLC. We use specialized equipment to locate and remove GPS devices, audio devices, and hidden cameras to help you regain your peace of mind and, if possible, for you to pursue charges against the offender. Don’t wait. Call us immediately at 1 (800) 373-8726. Your safety and your privacy are at stake.

What You Need to Know about GPS Devices on Connecticut Vehicles

Cars now display some serious technological advancements. In fact, many come factory-equipped with a GPS device. How can you tell the difference between a GPS device that was factory-installed and one that’s being used to against you?

Most factory-installed GPS devices are attached using permanent means; the most common method being metal brackets with screws or bolts. If your car has OnStar® or another navigational unit that was professionally installed, you’ll notice that it is installed in a way that prevents it from being pulled off without tools. The car building process allots enough time for these devices to be properly mounted.

GPS devices installed to spy on you are usually attached with a strong magnet. While they are technically hidden because the perpetrator doesn’t want the devices to be spotted, they don’t usually have the same amount of time that a professionally installed device would have. They are usually placed under the hood (in older cars that don’t require a button push inside of the vehicle to release the hood), under the front bumper, or under the back bumper. Remember, they’re generally attached with just a strong magnet. This makes it easier and faster for the perpetrator to remove the device.

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