kansas bug sweep companyHidden Cameras, GPS Devices, and Audio Bugs in Kansas: What Is Legal?

Living in America’s heartland of Kansas and having family or friends across the country means that you know the importance of using technology to keep in touch. Yet, even with wonders of technology making our lives easier, it is often used for reasons that are not so pure and friendly, including spying on another person. We know this sounds like something coming from the movie screen. However, hidden cameras, audio bugs, GPS devices are often used to track people. And many people don’t even know that they’re being victimized right here in America’s Heartland. The real question about all of these scary and shocking ideas is: what is legal?

Hidden Camera Laws in Kansas: What the Law Says

Kansas uses their own breach of privacy law when it comes to defining what is legal and what is not legal concerning hidden camera use. In Kansas, it is a crime to video someone without their consent. This includes someone inside of their home or in a hotel room. No hidden camera may be placed without the person’s consent in any location that can be considered private.

Even when it comes to videoing someone in public spaces, you must not disseminate a video taken of another person without consent. If this is done, it’s a felony. Examples of a public space include, but is not limited to, a park, restaurant patio, or sidewalk.

Audio Bugs and Conversations: What the Law Says

Kansas is considered a one-party consent when it comes to conversation recordings and monitoring. What does this mean? If there are two or more people involved in a conversation, only one person must give consent to have the conversation recorded or monitored. The location of the conversation is irrelevant in this situation. Whether the conversation happens in private or in public, Kansas law makes it very clear that not getting the consent of at least one person is a crime and may also be subject to civil as well as criminal charges. It is also illegal to install an audio bug for the purposes of eavesdropping. This applies to the inside or outside of a private place. Any place where sounds would not ordinarily be audible or comprehensible without the use of such device, without that person’s consent is a violation of state law.

GPS Devices Used for Surveillance in Kansas: What the Law Says

While there are no state laws concerning GPS device use for surveillance in Kansas, there are federal laws concerning their use. What this means is that no GPS device may be installed with the intent to pursue, surveil or have nonconsensual contact on more than one occasion without having a legitimate purpose.

Could Someone Be Spying on You?

Now that we have discussed the laws related to some of the most common devices used for spying on someone, let’s talk about the most common reasons that cause this dangerous behavior. While the following is not a full list, it is a list of the most common reasons. If you feel that someone may be spying on you for any reason, call Spy Catchers for your free estimate.

  • You own or are part owner of a business. Corporate espionage still exists today. It is just as much of a problem in Kansas as it is anywhere else in the world. This can be done by using a current or former employee to spy on your business, the placement of hidden cameras in offices and conferences rooms, or even using apps to monitor your phone calls, VOIP calls, web conferencing, and video conferencing. They could even use your web cam and microphone to see and hear you without you ever knowing what is happening. Keyloggers are another tool often deployed to spy on businesses and people. They are used to record everything you type. They may even be able to read all of your text messages and emails.
  • You are currently involved in a divorce or separation. You could have a disgruntled spouse that is looking to monitor everything you say and do. They could be tracking everywhere you go. They could be listening to all of your phone conversations, reading your texts, and seeing everything you do online. They are hoping to use this information to frighten or blackmail you. They may also be looking to use this information to ruin your social or professional life.
  • You are involved in a child custody dispute. Even if you were never married, the other parent or even another person who knows the child may be hoping to record you saying or doing something in order to scare you into giving up custody. They may also be looking to prove you are unfit or blackmail you. Following the previous mentioned situations, your cell phone, landline, VOIP, web cam, and online activity could be monitored. There are apps that are not hard to deploy. Never think you are 100% secure unless you have them checked.
  • You are involved with a jealous or possessive significant other. GPS devices, audio bugs, and hidden cameras are often deployed by those who are looking to control or abuse their partner’s movements and life. The use of digital devices is also more common, too. The use of these devices can create a dangerous situation for the victim.

The Steps That You Should Take If You Think You Are Being Watched

If you live in Kansas, and you believe someone may be spying on you or your business, please take these following steps:

  1. Don’t change your routine too much. If you do, the person who planted the device or devices may become suspicious and remove the devices before they can be found. We understand you never wanted the devices installed in the first place, but you need them if you want to find out who is behind it and press charges against them.
  2. Do not talk to anyone about it. You have no idea how many devices there are or where they may be located. You can also never be totally certain who may be behind it. Talking about them could alert whoever is responsible. It is important that you are able to find the devices so that you may talk with the police and maybe even a lawyer to find out what you can do. These devices are extremely sensitive. It is important that they are removed with care to prevent the data from being damaged or destroyed.
  3. Get to a safe place, use a safe phone, and call Spy Catchers at 1800-373-8726. We provide free estimates and a professional team that can sweep your home, business, and vehicle to help you get back the peace of mind you deserve.