Nebraska Bug Sweep CompanyWhat’s Legal Concerning Hidden Cameras, Audio Bugs, and GPS in Nebraska?

Nebraska is a beautiful place to live, but harsh winters could mean that you do not see your family and friends much both inside and outside of the state. You can appreciate technology such as video chats and calling over Wi-Fi, email, and social media platforms that help you stay in touch with others. While technology is meant to make our lives easier, it is often used for terrible reasons, including spying on another person. Although it may sound like something out of a spy or action movie, hidden cameras, audio bugs, and GPS devices are used to track regular people on a daily basis. Usually they never even recognize it is happening until they are faced with threats. It happens more often the you might think or even want to acknowledge. While finding out someone is spying on you is shocking and terrifying, the real question is: What is legal when it comes to the use of hidden cameras, audio bugs, and GPS tracking?

Hidden Camera Laws in Nebraska: What Does the Law Say?

When living in Nebraska you should know exactly what the law says about hidden camera use and installation. It is a crime to record someone in any area that is considered private with a hidden camera without their consent. This includes someone’s hotel room and certain parts of the home, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

While in your home there is a sense of privacy. While in public you may not have the same expectation, as long as no one is attempting to photograph or film any intimate areas of your person. This means someone snapping a picture of you as you walk down the street, sit on a bench in a park, or patio dining at a restaurant is not illegal. It is, however, impolite.

Audio Bugs and Conversations: What the Law Says

Nebraska is a one-party consent state, as long as monitoring or recording the conversation is done without criminal or tortious intent. This simply means that if a conversation that is involving two or more people, only one person must give consent for the conversation to monitored or recorded. Where the conversation takes place is irrelevant, be it a public place or a private location. Nebraska law clearly states that failure to get consent is both a civil and criminal matter. While first offenses are often classified as misdemeanors, future charges may result in both felonies charges and the continued potential of civil litigation.

What’s the Law for GPS Devices in Nebraska?

For the purposes of GPS device surveillance in Nebraska it is important to note:

  1. District courts may issue a warrant or other order for the installation of a mobile tracking device. This warrant may authorize the use of a device inside and outside of that jurisdiction if it is installed in.
  2. This includes any mobile tracking device electronic or mechanical device which permits the tracking of a person or objects movement.

Any other use of a GPS device without a warrant is still only allowed when the person has ownership of the property and is solely used to track the location of the object which they own. This may only be used in Nebraska the use of a GPS device being used to harass or stalk an individual is illegal. This my include pursuit, surveillance, or nonconsensual contact with another individual.

Could Someone Be Spying on You Right Now?

Now that we have gone through what is and isn’t legal in Nebraska when it comes to tracking, videoing, or recording someone, we need to discuss whether someone could be spying on you. It is uncomfortable to think about, but it’s something that should be considered. If you live in Nebraska there are a few common reasons someone might be spying on you using a hidden camera, audio bug, or GPS device. These include:

  • You own a business. It may big a large corporation, or even a small business. It does not have to make you rich to make you a target. It just has to be one that competitors know is taking part of the customer base. Corporate espionage is a real thing. It may include using a current or former employee to spy on your business, placing hidden cameras or audio bugs in offices and conference rooms, or even using apps to monitor your phone calls, VOIP call, web or video conferences. They could even use your web cam and microphone to see and hear you without you knowing anything about it. Key loggers are often used to record everything you type. They could even be able to read all or your text messages and emails.
  • Being involved in a divorce or separation. Your spouse could be attempting to monitor everything you do and say. While it is likely that the recording could not be used in a civil court it does not mean that people will not attempt to blackmail you with the information that they illegally obtained. They may even threaten to distribute the images and audio recordings through the internet.
  • You are involved in a child custody dispute. Even when two people were never married the opposing party may be hoping to record something you say or do to try and scare you or do to attempt to scare you into giving up custody. They may be looking to prove you are unfit or blackmail you. Much like the two previous instances, your cell phone, landline, VOIP, web cam, and online activity could be monitored. There are apps that are not difficult to deploy without touching the device. While this is considered tortious in the state of Nebraska, it does not mean that others will not attempt to use it. Do not ever think that your device is safe and secure unless you have them checked out by a professional.
  • You’re involved in settling an insurance claim or you’re involved in a lawsuit for an injury of some kind. The opposing party may be looking to minimize what happened to you. They may be looking to take advantage of you and pay you less than your claim is worth. The other side could be tracking your every movement, videoing you, or even listening in on your conversations.
  • You have a jealous or abusive significant other. Hidden cameras, audio bugs, and GPS devices as well as apps for digital devices are used more and more in situations where one partner is abusing or controlling the other. These devices and apps can create extremely dangerous situations for the victim. The apps generally do not require any special technological knowledge to use, either.

Take These Steps If You Think Someone Is Spying on You

If you live in Nebraska and you think you have someone spying on you, take these steps:

  1. Do not change your routine too much. If you change your routine up, the person who planted the device or devices could become suspicious and remove the devices before anyone else can find them. While we certainly know you don’t want them, you need them if you want to find out who is behind it and to talk with your lawyer about your legal options.
  2. Don’t talk to anyone about the potential of someone spying on you. You have no idea if the person who installed the device or devices is listening at any time. Talking about it could alert the person and they may remove the devices and replant them later.
  3. Get to a safe location, use a safe phone, and call Spy Catchers at 1800-373-8726. We provide free estimates in Nebraska. Our professional team can sweep your home, business, and vehicle to help you get back your life and peace of mind. We can help you find any existing hidden device and recover it for you to preserve potential evidence.