New Jersey Bug Sweep CompanyIs Your Privacy Being Invaded in Your New Jersey Home or Business?

Do you need a New Jersey Bug Sweep Company? If you live or work in New Jersey, are you sure that your privacy is secure? Easy access to affordable hidden cameras, listening devices, and GPS tracking devices puts your private life and your business secrets in harm’s way. If you think that someone may be spying on you at home or at your business, call Spy Catchers LLC right away to schedule a professional bug sweep: 1 (800) 373-8726. Do not leave your privacy to chance.

Why Would Someone Want to Spy on You?

You probably think that nothing you are doing is of any interest to another person. Although New Jersey state law says it’s illegal for someone to watch or record you when you believe you have a reasonable expectation of privacy, it still happens. Why would someone want to spy on you? Who are the most likely culprits to plant audio bugs, hidden cameras, and GPS devices?

Common reasons people may invade your privacy with a bugging device includes:

  • You own a business and an angry current or former employee wants to steal your business secrets.
  • You own a business and competitors are trying to gain an unfair advantage or take your clients away from you.
  • You are involved in a lawsuit. It does not matter if you’re the plaintiff, defendant, or witness. The most common lawsuits where this sort of activity occurs include car accidents, slip and falls, workers’ compensation, divorce, and child custody.
  • You have a jealous spouse or significant other.
  • You have an ex-spouse or former significant other who wants to know what you are doing.
  • Someone is stalking you.
  • Your landlord placed illegal bugging equipment inside of the rental property.

All of those reasons can cause tremendous stress. They do more than just threaten your way of life. They reveal your most intimate moments. Your privacy is important. If you believe that you are being spied on, call Spy Catchers immediately at 1 (800) 373-8726 to schedule a professional sweep of your home, your business, or your vehicle.

What Are the Signs That Your Home or Business Are Bugged?

Audio bugs and hidden cameras are not always obvious inside of a home or business. They are also not the only kinds of bugs that could be used to violate your privacy. Key loggers and software used to monitor your video conferences or teleconferences are a very real threat for both New Jersey business owners and residents. If you notice any of the following, call Spy Catchers immediately:

  • If you own a business, you notice that competitors suddenly use your exact practices and they are getting contracts that you would normally receive.
  • There is a change in quality of your voicemail, VOIP, land line, or cell phone.
  • You can tell that someone has been inside of your business or home.
  • You notice crooked electrical outlets, phone jacks, wall plates, and other wall fixtures and fittings that were once totally straight. These are not things like paintings or photos hung on the wall that could simply become unlevel. These are items that involve screwing a plate or cover into the wall.
  • There are missing or damaged ceiling tiles.
  • There is dust or debris on your desk, cabinets, floor or furniture and no one should have been in your business or home to make repairs.
  • You have new decorative items in a room that you know you did not buy.
  • You notice a certain vehicle hangs around your home or office for long periods of time that isn’t generally found in your area.
  • Someone who claims to be a maintenance or utility worker comes to your location and you did not phone for them. They may not have a work order to show you or use a utility or business name you recognize.

Audio bugs and cameras can also be hidden in small holes (the size of a nail hole), behind books or artwork, in stuffed animals, or in other inconspicuous places.

What Should You Do If You Find a Bugging Device?

First, if you believe that your New Jersey home or business is bugged, do not say anything to anyone about it. Don’t talk about it in the facility. Don’t talk about it on your phone. Don’t email anyone about it. Keep the information to yourself. Try to keep your same routine. This is important because telling someone in writing or verbally that you believe you’re being spied on or changing up your routine too much and someone is spying on you, they will be tipped off and try to remove the device before you’re able to find it. Call Spy Catchers from a secure location to immediately schedule your sweep.

If you find a hidden camera or audio bug in your home or business, do not remove it on your own. Depending on the make and model of the device, they can be easy to damage. As much as you may want to smash the device, doing so can mean that you can never find out who planted the device. These devices require careful handling. Call Spy Catchers. We can help.

GPS Devices in New Jersey

The legality of planting a GPS on a vehicle in New Jersey depends on the circumstances. Since we’re not lawyers, we can’t really give advice. GPS devices may, in some circumstances, be against the law if it is seen as stalking or violation of privacy (even if the other person is your spouse).

If you think that there may be a GPS device planted on your car, there are a couple of things that you need to know. First, you should know that these devices are not always used on their own. Your car could also have an audio bug inside of it. Second, you need to know how to tell the difference between a factory installed GPS, such as one that the car lot installed for navigation equipment, and one planted to spy on you. A factory installed device will be permanently mounted, likely using brackets and bolts or screws. A GPS placed by another person is generally just attached with a strong magnet.

Let Spy Catchers Help You Protect Your Privacy

New Jersey has strict laws about what may constitute a violation of privacy, stalking, and wiretapping. If you believe that someone is spying on you, let Spy Catchers help. Call us now to schedule a professional sweep of your home, business, boat, or vehicle: 1 (800) 373-8726.