Commercial Eavesdropping and Counter Surveillance Equipment utilized:

The OSCOR Green Spectrum Analyzer is a multifunctional portable unit that was designed to detect a wide variety of eavesdropping signals in a multitude of technological formats including Radio Frequency, Microwave and Infrared. The OSCOR Green Spectrum Analyzer can also perform site surveys for communication systems, conduct radio frequency (RF) emissions analysis, and investigate misuse of the RF spectrum. The OSCOR Green scans from 10KHz to 24 GHz in one second to ensure it captures transmitting electronic surveillance and eavesdropping devices including burst transmissions and frequency hopping.

The NEW TALAN 3.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer is the most advanced multifunction telephone testing device available. The TALAN 3.0 has the capability to detect and locate illicit tampering and eavesdropping vulnerabilities on analog, digital, POE (power over Ethernet), and VoIP telephone systems. The new and improved TALAN 3.0 includes hardware that provides the ability to test modern telecommunication devices and associated wiring like twisted pairs pair threats including shield and ground applied eavesdropping devices.

The ORION 2.4 Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) detects electronic semi-conductor components in every conceivable location including floors, walls, ceilings, objects, furniture, lighting fixtures, etc. The ORION 2.4 NLJD is designed to detect and locate all manner of illicit eavesdropping devices like hidden cameras, microphones, and other electronic storage or recording devices regardless of whether the surveillance device is transmitting, hard wired, battery powered, powered on or turned off.

The ORION 4000 Non-Linear Junction Detector for special applications. The ORION 4000 can locate listening devices and semiconductors in walls floors, ceilings, fixtures, furniture or containers and provides a user the capability to detect hidden electronic devices, regardless of whether the device is radiating, hard wired, or even turned off.

The CMA-100 Countermeasures Amplifier is a state of the art audio amplifier used to detect and identify certain types of eavesdropping devices attached to various types of wiring such as telephone wiring, AC power, and alarm wiring, etc. The CMA-100 Countermeasures Amplifier functions employ a sophisticated automatic gain control circuit that is superior to most audio amplifiers. The CMA-100 is also able to apply voltage onto existing wiring in order to activate a dormant microphone for the purpose of locating the illicit eavesdropping device.

FLUKE AirCheck Wireless Wi-Fi Analyzer is utilized to detect and locate 802.11ac Access Points (APs) and validate connectivity to a proper 802.11ac infrastructure. The unit operates using a One-button Auto Test to quickly provide a pass/fail indication of the wireless environment and identify common problems. The unit allows a technician to view the wireless network utilization by channel and quickly determine if it is legitimate 802.11 traffic or non-802.11 interference for the purpose of identifying and locating wireless access points whether authorized or unauthorized.

The ANDRE is a handheld broadband receiver designed to detect transmissions across a 10 kHz to 6 GHz frequency band. The ANDRE can detect a wide variety of transmissions that may be illicit in nature such as close or in-room RF, infrared, visible light and carrier current. The ANDRE is considered to be a preliminary non-alerting tool and is an excellent complement to an OSCOR Spectrum Analyzer.

CPM-700 Counter surveillance Deluxe Kit is a industry staple universal near field transmission sweep tool that can be used to detect and locate a wide variety of surveillance devices. The CPM-700 can also detect Microwave and Infrared transmissions.

Wolfhound-PRO Cell Phone Detector is a precision, handheld, wireless locator specifically tuned to the RF signature of common cell phones (both U.S. & international bands) including LTE, AWS, PCS, CDMA / WCDMA (UMTS), GSM, EGSM Cellular bands as well as GPS trackers and even U.S. DECT 6.0 cordless phones that cause interference with European cellular carriers. Wolfhound™-PRO’s award-winning*, high speed scanning receiver utilizes a multi-band DF (Direction Finding) antenna system allowing TSCM Specialists to locate nearby cell phones in either standby mode* or during active voice, text or data RF transmissions. Wolfhound-PRO™ identifies each cell phone by frequency allowing for detection and listing of multiple cell phones. Wolfhound-PRO has up to 150 foot radius for cell phone detection (indoors) and up to 1 mile outdoors (line-of-sight) making it the most sensitive cell phone detector on the market.

VPC-64 Pole Camera is utilized to inspect drop ceilings, behind immovable objects, around corners, or other difficult to reach areas, even in dark. The VPC-64 Pole Camera is able to observe those areas on a color monitor and has the capability to record to a video output if required. The VPC-64’s 24 in pole extends to over 6 ft giving the average user over 10 ft of reach.

FLIR E8 Thermal Imaging Camera, 320 x 240 IR-MSX Resolution. Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) adds visible spectrum definition to IR images by detecting the edges of objects and including that detail in the thermal image. The FLIR E8 is utilized to locate the heat signature of illicit eavesdropping devices that are battery powered or hardwired. The FLIR E8 is so sensitive that even text becomes clearly visible so that you can read a label or identifier within the IR image. The images viewed during a counter surveillance inspection can be captured live for future reports.