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In Pennsylvania, there are 1.5 million people going about their lives. They believe that their private lives are not subject to prying eyes.  Business owners go about their day thinking that their business secrets are safe. Although Pennsylvania is one of 12 states that require consent for the recording of conversations, business owners and other private Pennsylvania citizens are spied on every single day by competitors, current spouses, ex-spouses, obsessive former lovers, stalkers, landlords, and many others. If you think that you are being spied on with an audio device, hidden camera, or GPS device, call Spy Catchers LLC at 1 (800) 373-8726. Do not put your private life or the success of your business on the line.

Top 6 Reasons Your Privacy May Be Invaded

Many Pennsylvania residents don’t think that there is any reason that someone would use an audio device, hidden camera, or GPS device. The top 6 reasons your privacy may be invaded in Pennsylvania are:

  1. You are involved in a lawsuit. It could be divorce, child custody, personal injury, workers’ compensation, or breach of contract. If you’re involved in a lawsuit, someone could very well be using a listening device of some kind against you to strengthen their position.
  2. You are being stalked. These devices could be used to follow you. The Pennsylvania Police has an excellent PDF on how stalking is defined and includes actions that are considered stalking. Their list includes the use of listening devices. The stalker could be someone you know or someone you don’t know.
  3. Your spouse thinks you’re cheating on them.
  4. A former companion or friend is obsessed with you.
  5. A nosy landlord is invading your privacy and watching everything you do or listening to all of your conversations.
  6. You own a business and someone is trying to sabotage it.

Of course, this isn’t an all-inclusive list of why someone would want to use a bug against you. In fact, there are many instances where there is no well-defined reason that someone would be a victim of such an awful experience. Call Spy Catchers LLC at 1 (800) 373-8726 if you believe that your home, car, or business is bugged. Let us help you protect your privacy.

Pennsylvania Business Owners Beware!

If you own a business in Pennsylvania, you could be a victim of corporate espionage. It could be a current or former employee, an unhappy business partner, or even a competitor. If we had to give business owners one piece of advice, it would be this: If you believe that you’re the victim of corporate espionage, do not mention it over the phone, through email, during a video or telephone conference, or anywhere in the building. Doing so could alert the spy that you know and they may remove the device. While you certainly don’t want to be spied on, having Spy Catchers help you locate and remove the device could bring you one step closer to obtaining legal justice.

Corporate espionage may be completed using bugs in your:

  • Video conferencing equipment in your private office or conference room.
  • Teleconferencing equipment in your private office or conference room.
  • Cubicle of a key employee.
  • Office or the office of a key employee or partner.
  • Web cam.
  • Computer; keyloggers can record everything you type and send it to a remote location.
  • Microphone for your computer.
  • Ceiling tiles in key rooms.
  • Desks and bookcases.
  • Private or employee bathrooms.

Spy Catchers is here to help Pennsylvania businesses protect their competitive edge. If you think your business is being spied on, you’re probably right. Call us immediately to schedule a bug sweeping: 1 (800) 373-8726.

Hiding a Bug in a Pennsylvania Home

Home is supposed to be a place of serenity and love. However, there are people who violate this sanctity through audio bugs and hidden cameras. It could be done by a landlord, a stalker, a former spouse, or your current spouse or significant other. Spying devices are now a commonly seen item in domestic violence and divorce cases. If you think that there’s an audio bug or hidden camera in your home, don’t discuss it with anyone. Don’t talk about it in your home, on your phone, or through email or other means of electronic communication. Listening devices and hidden cameras can be hidden in a variety of places. The most common places include:

  • Small holes in the walls, ceiling, or floor.
  • Under a window sill in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, home office, or bathroom.
  • Under a desk, coffee table, end table, kitchen island, night stand, bathroom cabinet, or dining table.
  • Underneath furniture (including your couch or office chair) or in a cushion or pillow that has a small rip.
  • On the wall behind pictures or other artwork.
  • On your bookshelves. This includes behind photos, under shelves, inside of vases, and other decorative items.

Spy Catchers LLC wants to help you protect your privacy. Call us immediately at 1 (800) 373-8726 and let us help you turn your home back into a sanctuary.

Should You Remove the Device on Your Own?

Sometimes, spying devices are not well hidden. While this may seem like good news, it presents a dilemma. If you damage the unit in some way, it could make it impossible for you to determine who placed it and what information they now have. If the audio or video is saved on the device, you could corrupt it. If you find an audio device, GPS, or hidden camera in your home or business, call Spy Catcher’s Pennsylvania office at 1 (800) 373-8726. As experts, we can help remove the device in a manner that protects the integrity of the device. That could be important for any future legal remedy you may try to pursue.