Residential Bug Sweeps

Whether you are an individual, the owner of a business or a high-profile individual, private information is often discussed in your home and within your vehicle. When you realize that someone may be tracking this information to monitor you or to provide private details about you to unintended parties, you need the peace of mind provided by a residential bug sweep.

Do You Need a Residence Bug Sweep?

If you feel as though you are being listened to or watched, you should clarify this and gain peace of mind that comes by hiring a TSCM professional who can identify even the most complicated and professionally hidden bugging devices. Both home owners and apartment dwellers may be subject to hidden audio recording devices or hidden audio microphones.

Apartment dwellers are the most susceptible to being the victims of audio recording devices or hidden audio microphones, particularly hidden cameras that could watch your every move. Sadly, many landlords have been arrested after putting hidden cameras in apartment bathrooms and bedrooms.

You need a professionally trained TSCM debugging technician to sweep your entire home to ensure there are no illegal recording devices, hidden cameras or microphones located in your apartment. Our team has worked in this field for years to identify a wide assortment of simple and sophisticated hidden audio and video bugs and other devices.

Are There Audio or Video Bugs in Your Home?

House dwellers too may become the victims of hidden video and audio devices. The most common situation in which this occurs involves spouses or partners spying on one another, particularly if they suspect infidelity. Our trained counter surveillance technicians frequently find digital audio recorders or hidden cameras placed in living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms. If you feel as though your home is your sanctuary and that your privacy has been breached, you need the peace of mind that can only be provided by an experienced professional bug sweep team like Spy Catchers.

Many people assume that if they are being monitored, they can identify these devices on their own or with inexpensive bug detection products sold to the general public. The truth is that only a trained professional who has expensive and high quality equipment to accomplish these goals can assist you.

A professional residential TSCM bug sweep, like those carried out by the pros at Spy Catchers, can reveal the presence of the incredibly broad range of different bugging devices such as recorders, hidden cameras and audio bugs as well as a multitude of devices that can be connected to your Wi-Fi devices and your router. This type of professional eavesdropping sweep can identify devices that you are not aware exist. It is very important for you to get the peace of mind that can come with the knowledge of confirmed or refuted suspicions with experienced TSCM technicians like the one at Spy Catchers.

When there is pending or potential litigation related to divorce, TSCM professionals are more likely to find evidence of video or audio bugs. This kind of spousal spying occurs more frequently than you might suspect. In some situations, one spouse may covertly record his or her wife during sexual activity or in the shower to upload these videos to voyeur sharing websites. Hidden videos cameras are often placed in locations where they are not easily found such as inside furnishings or existing decor.

Our counter surveillance bug detection technicians who have residential experience, however, know what to look for and use a thorough physical inspection as well as comprehensive eavesdropping detection equipment to find electronic detection devices that are hidden whether they are turned on or turned off.

Any room in which you are spending the most time speaking or talking with others in person, such as the living room and kitchen, are the most likely place for audio bugs whereas video cameras are most often found in areas where you are undressed such as the shower, bedroom or dressing room.

No matter how you suspect that you have been compromised, you need to consult with an experienced TSCM professional to rule out or to confirm your suspicions of a presence of bugs in your home. At Spy Catchers, let us give you more information about how we carry out a residential bug sweep quickly and effectively with our state-of-the-art equipment.