Telephone Sweeping Services

Do you think someone is listening to your private or business phone conversations? You might not even understand the potential impact of a telephone bug capturing all of your conversations until it’s too late. Think about all the things you discuss on the phone throughout the course of the day. Are you sure that no one is recording all of your calls or listening in?

It doesn’t matter how you are speaking- whether you have landline, a cell phone, voice over IP or a digital service, it is crucial that you have someone review all of the telephone instruments that you are using on a regular basis.

If someone has put a bug or a tap on the line, you deserve to know this information in order be able to react accordingly. Audio bugs can be put on any telephone line inside your residence or business, and this could compromise your privacy at the office or at home.

Even if you rarely use your phone, powering a phone bugging device or monitoring your calls can still be conducted through active telephone lines. If you have a landline phone in your home, are you sure that the line is truly dead? Our TSCM experts can test the audio phone lines to determine whether or not there is any resistance or voltage on the line that could indicate that some microphone or audio bug is listening to your private conversations. At Spy Catchers, we use the most advanced telephone analyzing equipment available to give you real-time information about your true level of privacy.

When Should You Hire a Telephone Sweep Services Professional?

Checking your landlines and your mobile phones for bugs should be done on a regular basis. These devices typically operate by a microphone attached to a line or can be sending audio wirelessly to a recording device from a tiny remote transmitter. These are relatively inexpensive devices and are commonly available in spy shops and online. Without the proper training or experience you might not know how to identify these issues on your own.

As technology has improved, the cost of spy gear has become extremely affordable and is easily accessible for most people. No matter what type of telephone system you are using, and in particular if you are using multiple systems, you need a TSCM professional to inspect all of them. The majority of homes and offices today use phone lines that are connected through a cable provider or work over the internet (VoIP and POE).

While this is a bit more challenging to the average person looking to bug your line and listen to you, it is also not impossible, in fact it is sometimes easier. The right electronic detection equipment can help to identify all compromised phone instruments as well as the lines running back to the phone block, switches and router. Our TSCM technicians have extensive training in how to test for voice over IP (VoIP) and digital lines in telephone equipment. Our team of experts at Spy Catchers use the TALAN 3.0 phone analyzer system, which is the most advanced and sophisticated phone system detection device used to test for bugs on analog and digital phone systems and the associated wiring.

Telephone Sweep Services Stop Problems Before They Happen

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, you could face significant challenges associated with eavesdropping. Whether it’s a high-profile individual, a professional athlete, a government agency or a corporation, or a average citizen, you deserve to have your privacy protected. Unfortunately, billions of dollars are lost annually to individuals, businesses and corporations as the result of illegal eavesdropping tactics, such as hacking, electronic surveillance, employee theft, trade secrets theft, and more.

Identifying bugs early on can help to protect your privacy and potentially even your business interests. Getting the peace of mind that someone has evaluated your property carefully and explored all the options for someone to bug your phone, is extremely important.

Trying to find these types of bugging devices on your own could give you a false sense of security that you have more privacy than you do, whereas our trained TSCM technicians have years of experience in the field to identify threats by wiretapping devices and bugs on your phones that could compromise your privacy as well as your integrity. If you suspect that someone is listening to your phone calls or if you would like verification that there are no bugs currently installed on any of your phone devices and phone lines, contact our TSCM technicians today to learn more.