Video Sweeping Services – Hidden Cameras

If you suspect that you are currently being watched by a hidden camera or that someone may install one, you need to identify a service that can help to find these. As technology changes and becomes easier to hide, hidden cameras are only becoming more prominent and smaller. Since they are also becoming more popular, they are also increasingly inexpensive. Our bug sweep services work hard to find any hidden cameras currently located on your premises.

Do You Feel That You’re Being Watched? Get Help Today

One of the greatest problems that a person can experience is the concern that they are being watched or that video is being recorded in their own home, particularly, in areas in which you would never expect or want to find a hidden camera.

The most common locations where you are likely to identify a hidden camera, include bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas where you may be comfortable in your own home and have an expectation of privacy.

Most Common Reasons People Use Video Surveillance

Unfortunately, however, there are numerous different incidents that prompt people to contact experienced bug sweeping services because they suspect that they are being recorded on a hidden video camera. A significant other, girlfriend/boyfriend, or spouse may have put a hidden video camera in your condo, house, apartment or dorm room, to capture someone who does not suspect they are being watched.

The primary purpose of putting these hidden cameras in places is often to capture someone in various forms of undress or while that person is having a intimate encounter. These videos can serve many different purposes, but all can be equally unsettling for the person who believes that they are being watched by video.

There are hundreds of different websites dedicated to voyeurism and many different places where individuals can upload hidden videos of others taken illegally. If you think that your spouse or partner may be covertly recording you for this or any other purpose the professionals at Spy Catchers can help.

How Can a Video Sweep Help Me?

A video sweep can help to identify and confirm your suspicions. These videos may also be used for blackmail, video sharing or personal gratification. The most common scenario that involves video services include a person recording a stranger or a spouse without their knowledge, typically done for self-gratification.

However, these perpetrators may also acquire covert videos of house guests, co-workers, parents or siblings in order to watch those people in various levels of undress or in activities where the persons feel they have an expectation of privacy. The only way to know for sure whether or not there are any hidden video cameras located at your place of business or in your residence is to hire an experienced technical surveillance counter measures expert. Spy Catchers technicians perform this task utilizing professional electronic detection equipment designed to identify these hidden cameras and other devices. Although there is a small chance you might find a poorly designed or placed video camera, you could be looking at a video camera every day and not even be aware of it.

Today’s hidden cameras have the benefit of advanced technology and can be as small as one sixteenth of an inch. Electronic detection devices utilized by TSCM Specialists like Spy Catchers can help you to identify hidden cameras where you may have missed them before.

Professional TSCM Equipment for Counter Surveillance Detection

Our specialized equipment is designed to capture hidden cameras and other devices that are wireless, wired or on or off. An inexperienced bug sweeper will not have the appropriate training or the necessary equipment to find these hidden cameras and devices, especially if they are turned off. A non-transmitting hidden camera can be more difficult to detect and that is why you need a TSCM professional in your home or office.

If the hidden camera is located in your home, we use our counter measures equipment to detect digital or analog signals and to demodulate that signal so that we can identify the picture that is being transmitted or recorded. If you believe that there is a hidden camera placed inside your home, it is in your best interest to contact a professional TSCM expert sooner rather than later.

The team working at Spy Catchers relies on years of training and experience and our advanced counter surveillance detection equipment to help you figure out whether someone is watching, listening or following you.