wyoming bug sweep companyHidden Cameras, Audio Bugs, and GPS Devices in Wyoming: What Is Legal?

Living in the great wide open space of Wyoming and its long winters, you know how important it is to have technology such as video chat, texting, and phone calls to keep in touch with family members and friends. Yet, with the rise of technology meant to make our lives easier, some people use technology to spy on others. While this may seem like something from movies, the next blockbuster television drama, and books, hidden cameras, audio bugs, and GPS devices are some of the most commonly used devices to spy on people without their consent or knowledge; and it happens more often than you might think. What’s legal in Wyoming when it comes to these devices?

Hidden Cameras Used for Spying in Wyoming

Wyoming governs the use of hidden cameras through their voyeurism laws. Wyoming voyeurism law prohibits the installation of any device designed to record, photograph, or transmit images of another person without their knowledge or consent in a place where there’s a reasonable expectation of privacy. Depending on the facts surrounding the illegal use of hidden cameras, the person responsible for its placement and use may be charged with either misdemeanor or a felony.

Audio Bugs Used for Spying in Wyoming

As it pertains to recording or monitoring a conversation consisting of two or more people, at least one person must give consent prior to the monitoring or recording in the state of Wyoming. This is what is known as one-party consent. This applies to conversations in what one would consider a private place. Wyoming law states that failure to gain consent for any conversation recorded could lead to a misdemeanor or felony charge, depending on the facts. It’s important to note that while most people think of hidden devices inside of homes, cars, or placed on landlines to record conversations, there are also apps available for most cell phones that will record all phone calls, share your text messages, and could even use your phone without your knowledge to know what you are saying at any time through the built-in microphone. There are also keyloggers that can record all of your actions on your computer or tablet. Someone could see everything you look up, everything you type, and even your user names and passwords. These apps do not require a lot of technical expertise.

GPS Devices Used for Spying in Wyoming

Unwarranted use of GPS devices without the knowledge or consent of the person being monitored is illegal according to Wyoming law. This may include using a GPS or another electronic means to pursue surveillance or commit nonconsensual contact on more than one occasion without having a legitimate purpose.

Is Someone Spying on You Right Now?

It is not comfortable to consider, but you must ask yourself the following. Could someone be spying on you right now? The truth of the matter is uncomfortable. It is possible. Hidden cameras, audio bugs, and GPS devices are inexpensive and used against private citizens and business owners every day. As we all know, making something illegal does not mean people stop doing it. If you see yourself in any of the following scenarios, then you are in a high risk category to have someone spying on you.

  • You own a business. Regardless of the size of your business, the risk of corporate espionage exists. It could be a current or past employee being used to spy on and report your business practices to the competition. There could be a former employee who is angry with you and wants to ruin your business. Competitors could be placing hidden cameras or audio bugs in your office or conference rooms. They may even deploy apps to monitor your land and cell phone calls, VOIP calls, web conferences, and even video conferences. Webcams and microphones are not excluded from this type of monitoring, either. They could be used without you ever realizing it. Keyloggers could be used to record everything you or another key employee type, including user names and passwords to your most sensitive systems. They may even be able to see all of your text messages and emails, whether professional or personal in nature.
  • You are divorcing or separating from your spouse. Your spouse could be monitoring your every conversation or tracking your location through your cell phone, desktop, tablet, or laptop. They may be listening to every conversation, reading every text message, and seeing everything you look at when you are online. They could be using this information in order to frighten or blackmail you. They could just be using this information in an attempt to ruin your reputation or even get you fired from your job.
  • You are fighting for custody over your minor child. Even if you were never married to the other parent, they may be looking to record everything you do hoping they can use it in court. Although the use of these devices is most often illegal without consent, they may also simply look for information they can use to scare you. Similar to the two previous scenarios, your land line, cell phone, VOIP, webcam, and online activity are all subject to this type of intrusion. The current apps on the market right now are not hard to use, either. Never think that any of your devices are totally safe unless you have them checked out by a professional.
  • You filed an insurance claim or a lawsuit because of an injury. The opposing side could be looking to take advantage of you and look for information that lets them argue that you are not really hurt. They could be tracking your every movement, videoing you, or even listening to your conversations.
  • You have a jealous, possessive, or abusive significant other. GPS devices, audio bugs, and hidden cameras as well as apps for cellular devices and keyloggers for computers and tablets are used more and more in situations where someone feels the need to control or abuse their partner. These devices can create a dangerous situation for the victim.

The Steps You Should Take If You Think You are Being Watched in Wyoming

If you are in Wyoming and think someone may be spying on you, take these precautionary steps:

  1. Keep your routine as much as you can unless you are in fear for your physical safety. Changing your routine may alert the person who planted the device or devices. They may remove them before they are found to protect themselves. They may also hide them again at a later date. Keeping your routine means that you stand a better chance of having the devices located so that they may be turned over to the proper authorities for investigation.
  2. Keep it a secret. You do not know which device or devices are being used and you do not know where they could be hidden. Talking about it to anyone means there is a chance the person spying on you will know that you are aware of the devices. They may remove them and use them again later. For the best possible chance of finding them to prove what’s happening to you, don’t discuss it with anyone.
  3. Get to a safe location, use a safe phone, and call Spy Catchers at 1800-373-8726. We provide free estimates in Wyoming. Our team of professionals can sweep your home, business, and vehicles to help you get back your peace of mind and your privacy. If they’re present, we can also help you remove and preserve the devices so that you may look into any potential legal options available to you.