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Hidden Cameras, Audio Bugs, and GPS Devices in Massachusetts: Are You Being Bugged? Is It Legal?

The east coast is well known for its high-profile residents. Well-known business owners, celebrities, and politicians reside up and down the coast. Massachusetts is no exception. It has its fair share of easily recognizable names and faces. Of course, the media chomps at every opportunity to find out what they are doing at any given moment. Yet, those individuals are not the only ones who have to worry about whether their private conversations and moments remain private. If you’re a resident of Massachusetts, you could be a victim of an audio bug, hidden video camera, or a GPS system and not even realize it.

Why Would Anyone Want to Spy on You?

It is a valid question that Spy Catchers is asked all the time. Why would anyone want to spy on you? The most common reasons people spy in Massachusetts include:

  • Finding out valuable business secrets
  • You are being stalked by someone you may not even know
  • You are being stalked by a former lover or spouse
  • You are involved in a lawsuit of some kind (including child custody, divorce, personal injury, and workers’ compensation)
  • Your spouse thinks you’re cheating on them or they have control issues
  • You have a nosy landlord who may be obsessed with you

Spy Catchers LLC is a professional corporation providing professional bug sweeping services to Massachusetts business owners and residents. If you think your home, car, or business could be bugged, call us now at 1 (800) 373-8726. Do not wait. Your privacy is at stake.

The Signs of Hidden Spy Equipment

The most commonly used spy equipment in Massachusetts includes audio bugs that listen in on what is being said over the phone or in a room, hidden cameras, and GPS systems. The signs depend on the type of bug that may be hidden in your home, business, or even in your car. If you think that someone is spying on you, do not talk about it on the phone, to anyone you know, in your home, in your office, or even in your car. This could alert the person who placed the bug that you know about its existence. They may try to remove it or disable it (and hide the evidence) before you can find it. Stick to your overall usual routine to avoid alerting the possible suspect. Call Spy Catchers if you see any of the following signs:

  • You are a business owner and it seems as if certain competitors somehow know more about your business practices and trade secrets than they should
  • There is a change in the quality of your voicemails, video conferencing, or the sound quality on your cell phone, landline, or VOIP
  • Certain wall plates, electrical outlets, phone jacks, and other wall inserts that were once straight are now crooked or damaged
  • You notice new small holes in the wall where there was no photo or other artwork hanging on the wall
  • You can see that someone has been inside of your home or office
  • You notice that the ceiling tiles are damaged or missing
  • You notice that there are maintenance or utility workers that seem to randomly come to your home or office. They may or may not let you know that they’re on the property or why they are on the property
  • You see new radios, plants, clocks, phones, light fixtures, calculators, vases, and other decorative items that you did not buy or place in the room
  • You notice more foot traffic in areas that are restricted
  • There’s dust, dirt, or other debris on your desk, cabinets, floor, or furniture that looks as if it came from the wall or ceiling

If you do find a stand-alone audio bug, hidden camera, or GPS, don’t remove it on your own. Call Spy Catchers. Damaging the unit could make it harder for you to figure out who is spying on you (and why).

Common Places Bugs Are Hidden in Massachusetts Homes

The most common rooms where a bugging device is found in a Massachusetts home includes bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, home offices, and dens. The bugs are generally not just placed out in the open. They are often found:

  • In small holes found in the walls, ceiling, or floor
  • Hidden under the window sill
  • Under a desk, coffee table, dining room table, or breakfast bar
  • Under your furniture or in a rip in a cushion
  • Behind pictures hanging on the wall
  • Hidden under the shelves on your bookcase, behind photos, inside of vases, or built into other seemingly decorative items

Even if you spent hours searching for bugs to protect your privacy, you may not find a well-hidden device. It takes the right equipment and experience. Spy Catchers LLC helps Massachusetts residents find peace of mind by providing bug sweeps of their home. Call us now at 1 (800) 373-8726 to schedule your appointment.

Common Places Bugs Are Hidden in Massachusetts Businesses

You spent a lot of time building your business. You’ve perfected your techniques and refined all of your processes. Suddenly, lucrative contracts seem to go to your competitors. You’re losing clients. Sometimes, it is not just a matter of unscrupulous competitors out to steal your business. Unhappy current or former employees could be spying on you, too. Maybe they plan to strike out on their own or maybe they plan to try to find a way to sue you. Whatever the reason, leaked business information can destroy your business.

Until you know for sure that your business isn’t bugged, you may want to protect it by not talking about certain business practices and secrets. However, remember to not mention on your phone, in your email, through video conference, or to anyone else that you think there’s a bug. Doing so could alert the person who placed it. You may not be able to find out who spied on you if they remove the device.

Common places bugs are used in Massachusetts businesses include:

  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Teleconferencing equipment
  • Hiding audio bugs in the office or cubicle of a key employee or partner
  • Web cam
  • Key loggers on computers
  • The microphone on your computer
  • In the ceiling tiles
  • On bookcases
  • Under desks (even in conference rooms)
  • Employee and private bathrooms

Spy Catchers is here to help your business protect its competitive edge and professional reputation. If you believe that your business is being spied on, you could very well be right. Call us right away at 1 (800) 373-8726.

Massachusetts Has No Laws Preventing the Use of GPS Devices

As of April 2018, Massachusetts has no laws in place that prevent the use of GPS devices. While the devices certainly have some legitimate uses, they are often used for more nefarious purposes. Without the right laws in place, law enforcement and the court system can’t do much about it.

A GPS device can track your car’s every movement. One can even be placed on your phone. This leaves you open to being followed by family members, obsessed former spouses or significant others, business competitors, and people you do not know who could be stalking you. GPS devices in cars are often coupled with listening devices. If they’re properly installed, you may not know that either is there. This prevents a very real danger to your privacy and possibly your safety.

If you live in Massachusetts and think that an audio device, hidden camera, or GPS is being used to spy on you, don’t wait to call Spy Catchers LLC. Let us help you protect your privacy.