Ohio Bug Sweep CompanyAre Hidden Audio Bugs and Hidden Cameras an Invasion of Privacy in Ohio?

Are you being watched without your knowledge? It is possible. In more and more news stories, we are learning about instances where private citizens are being spied on by the use of hidden audio bugs and hidden cameras within their home or business. It raises some serious legal questions that can only be answered by an Ohio judge.

Is It Legal to Record Another Person in Ohio Without Their Knowledge or Consent?

The State of Ohio is considered a “one-party consent” state. This means that if two people are having a conversation, one of those involved (or both) could record the conversation without the knowledge or consent of the other person. However, if the conversation takes place in public or in some area where someone wouldn’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy, anyone can record the conversation.

Employers may legally record conversations in which employees are involved if they have a legitimate business purpose for doing so. However, it may not be legal for an employer to monitor or record an employee’s conversation it is obviously of a personal nature and not related to business. If the employee has given consent about the monitoring and / or recording of phone conversations, an employer may also monitor or record personal conversations as well.

If a third-party is attempting to secretly record or monitor a conversation that they are not involved in, they may be in violation of Ohio’s wiretapping laws. The laws state that unauthorized interception of “oral communication” isn’t legal. Ohio does not have any specific laws that prohibit the use of hidden cameras. However, if the hidden camera records audio, then it may violate Ohio law.

GPS Device Use in Ohio

GPS devices can also be used to follow someone. There are two types of GPS devices. The first type constantly sends updates of the location of the device. The second device must be retrieved before the information can be retrieved from it. GPS devices may be considered illegal if they are used without permission and to stalk another person.

Who Is Most at Risk of Having Their Right to Privacy Invaded?

It is a common misconception that you must be a celebrity, related to a celebrity, or somehow be in the public eye before you need to worry that you are secretly being recorded in some way. The fact is that regular, every day people just like you are victimized every single day.

If you own a business in Ohio, someone may be using a hidden audio bug or hidden camera to learn about your business practices so that they can take advantage of them. You could lose out on valuable contracts. Your best clients may be poached right out from under you. Your processes could be exposed. The really scary part is that the culprit could be right under your nose. A current employee could be paid by your competition or another person to gather this information.

And if you do not own a business? There’s still no guarantee that you are safe from this invasion of privacy. The most common reasons why hidden cameras and audio bugs are used in Ohio include:

  • You are involved in a civil lawsuit of some kind. It could be a divorce, child custody case, personal injury lawsuit, or a workers’ compensation claim.
  • You have a jealous spouse or significant other.
  • You’re being stalked by someone. You may or may not know the person.
  • You are renting a house or apartment
  • You’re involved in a relationship with domestic or intimate partner violence.

What Should You Do?

If you think that someone may be spying on you, do not share that information over the phone, through an email, via text message, or in the location where you think may be bugged. Do not share this information while you are in your car, either. These devices can be incredibly small and there could be more than one device. Remember that you do not know who may have placed the device. It could be someone you thought you could trust. Additionally, talking about the likelihood of a device could mean that the person who placed the device removes it before it can be found. Only by finding the device can you hope to learn who placed it and whether you can file a lawsuit against that person.

Spy Catchers LLC Is Here to Help

If you live in Ohio and you think that someone is spying on you with a hidden audio device or a hidden camera, call Spy Catchers LLC at 1-800-373-8726 to get help. We are experienced professionals and we perform TCSM bug sweeps for homes and businesses in Ohio. Don’t leave your privacy to chance. Do not remove a bug if you find it. The devices are extremely sensitive. Improper handling could ruin your chances of learning why the device was placed. Don’t wait. Call us now.